Saturday, November 4, 2017

I Was Going To Be A Music Major 30 Years Ago

Thirty-five years ago, Mark was growing up in the late seventies and early eighties.  He had his eyes set for launching a music career, maybe getting signed and making it big.  Music was his life.  His back up plan would be to become a music teacher.  He decided to become a music major in college.  Unfortunately, his dad had shot down this dream with word attacks.  "Its not practical.  You need to get a real job." The pressure was intense and Mark wanted to make his dad proud.  Maybe he could do both - become successful at business and do music?  So he became a business major and then became a plumber.  And, as everyone knows, plumbers do well financially.  Fast forward fourty years to 2017.  Mark was doing work for a client installing a new water heater and piping and saw a sweet MIDI controlled Yamaha upright in the living room.  He'd been working at this house for four days and had just finished the job.  While the customer was looking at the $5,500 bill, Mark asked if he could play the piano.  The owner said 'no problem - go for it'.  He sat down and started playing.   Music started streaming out and not only did everyone in the house turn to listen, but Mark himself started remembering that old Mark that had such a love for music.  If he could just get back into recording.  The house owner stopped in mid-check write and said 'Wow - YOU have talent - what's the story?' Mark said he'd always loved music and described how he had almost been a music major.  Then Mark asked what the home owner did for a living.

Mixcraft 8
The home owner was Joseph Clarke and happened to be a programmer for Mixcraft - the multi-track recording studio for musicians.  Joseph replied "Well, I happen to write music software for musicians.  We specialize in easy to use music software designed for every day people -rather than studio engineers.  Its not hard.  But its powerful too." Mark was wondering what that was like.  He had only seen a few videos on the Internet - but didn't know where to start.  He asked "Can you record and then have another track playing in the background?"  "Well - yeah - that's easy - it can do that and much more.  Imagine if the Beatles had 1/100th of what this studio software can do. Some studio software is very complicated and difficult to use - but Mixcraft is the one studio that people go to get the job done without fussing with all those technical details.  Here let me give you a demo".  So Joseph took him to his home computer and showed Mark how all you really need is an audio interface and a Window's computer.  And audio interfaces are cheap, especially for plumbers.  Mark needed a MIDI keyboard as well. "No problem - just get a USB connected MIDI keyboard and hook it up to your computer".

At the end of the day and personal demonstration, Mark was so excited to get started that he went home and bought Mixcraft online that night.  He could have gotten a free two week trial to test it out...but he couldn't wait to get back into writing music.

Mixcraft Pro Studio $179
Mixcraft Recording Studio $89
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Bypass the BS - you just want to record music, right?
Watch the video.

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